December 2014  
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October 13-17th: Book Fair:
AC Corcoran will be hosting the Scholastic Book Fair from October 13-17th! Students will come during their library time to purchase books. The book fair will also be open after PTA on October 14th for parents and students to visit.

Please also check out the online books fair at  you can preview books and place orders.

Hope to see you at the Book Fair!

AC Corcoran's Shared Vision



Our school day begins officially at 7:30 A.M. Students are considered tardy at 7:35 when the tardy bell rings. At that time, students must report to the main office to receive a tardy pass prior to being admitted to class. Any student that 
arrives after 7:35 A.M. must be accompanied by an adult in order to receive a pass to attend class for the day. Students with 5 or more tardies during a quarter (9 week period) will not receive perfect attendance for that quarter, which also prevents the student from receiving perfect attendance for the entire school year. If tardies persist, a conference with the principal and district truancy representative will be scheduled. In the event that there is a bus issue that causes the bus to arrive late, those students will not be marked tardy.