Kaleidoscope Staff 2019-2020

The A.C. Corcoran 2019-2020 Kaleidoscope staff are all returning staff members from previous school years with a few new editions. Every person is a true role model and believes in making a positive impact on every child that we meet. The staff has gone through training to ensure the safety of all of our students come first. Each staff member is CPR and First Aid Certified which is done by the American Heart Association and Two of the staff members are CPI Certified.

 The A.C. Corcoran Kaleidoscope Staff goes through many Professional Development training throughout the year and also receives on-site training monthly to better serve all of the students. Our program's goal is to provide every child with a memorable experience every day while also provide them a safe place to play. Our staff believes in providing each child who attends the program with the best experience possible each day by living by the motto by giving every child a fresh start to their afternoons by reminding the students that, "Everyday is a new day when our students come to us!" 

kscope staff

Kaleidoscope 2019-20 Staff: 

Site Supervisor: Mr. Richmond Brown, Jr. 
Assistant Coordinator: Mr. Rashad Taylor 
CD/Kinder Counselor: Ms. Arlana Sumpter 
First Grade Counselor: Ms. Kimberly Moses
Second Grade Counselor: Mr. Roderick Dale aka Mr. Chicago
Third-Fifth Grade Counselor: Ms. Autumn Black
Counselor: Demarie Deas 
NCRD Counselor: Mrs. Samantha Early