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Hello and welcome!

My name is Chris Fekete. I graduated in 2015 from Capital University in Columbus Ohio with a major in Art Education and I have been teaching here at A.C. Corcoran Elementary since.  I am glad to be starting my 4th year here and cannot wait to see the ideas for projects I have in my head come to life through the students here in the art room.

What's going on in art??

Everyone has been wrapping up their projects where we focused on lines and patterns so those should be on their way home sometime soon! We are moving onto talking about shapes and how shapes are created from lines and the variety of shapes there are!

Kindergarten is currently focusing on drawing repeating shapes inside of a bird they drew.  After everything has been drawn they are using liquid watercolor to paint their shapes and bird!

First grade is working on paper skyscrapers where they are cutting and gluing white buildings onto a black piece of paper and then using other colors to create windows and some cars!

Second grade is focusing on Alexander Calder, an artist who created sculptures.  We are using one of his sculptures of a fish as inspiration for a drawing of a fish.  Inside their fish, they are using warm, or cool colors to draw shapes inside the scales.

Third grade will be starting an Alexander Calder inspired piece of art as well!  While Calder is most known for his sculptures and mobiles he also created a wide variety of other work.  Third grade will be using some of his printmaking work as inspiration to draw a variety of geometric and organic shapes painted in primary colors.  

Fourth grade is currently concentrating on the artwork of Paul Klee and is abstract geometric portraits!  We are making some artwork that resembles a face but is divided up into shapes.

Fifth grade is also reviewing portraits or drawings of figures but in the abstract style of Joan Miró.  He is well known for blending many styles of art and creating organically shaped figures, that may or may not look like people.  The students will be creating their own alien-like figures and painting them with tempera paints.

Thanks for reading about the work we are doing here in the art room.  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Chris Fekete


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