Music: Ms. Pearson

Hi! My name is Jennifer Pearson. I graduated in 2007 from Converse College with a major in Music Education. My main instrument is the clarinet, which I have played for 20 years! I have been teaching Elementary Music in Charleston County for 12 years and this is my 3rd year here at A.C. Corcoran! 

What's going on in music??

CD and Kindergarten are currently focusing on steady beat songs. Did you know the ability to pat and move to a steady beat helps children with cadence and flow while reading?

First grade is working on recognizing strong and weak beats. This is the first step to identifying what meter a song is in!

Second grade is focusing on rhythm review right now. They are practicing rhythms while getting exposure to a variety of our classroom percussion instruments.

Third grade will be starting recorder very soon. Thanks to a successful Donor’s Choose grant- we have been able to purchase a recorder for every third grade student. At the beginning of the unit, these will stay at school. Once the children are successful and making gorgeous sounds- then they may start going home. Please remember when this happens, they must return to school with the student on their music day!

Fourth grade is currently concentrating on reading the notes of the treble clef staff. They will be taking on the ukulele this year. Hopefully by the end of the first semester, we will be able to strum and sing at the same time!

Fifth grade is also reviewing reading the notes of the treble clef staff. Thanks to another successful Donor’s Choose grant, our music program has been able to purchase 15 student sized steel drums. Deer Park Middle came to visit us last year and gave a concert on steel drums. The students were so excited and enthralled that I thought they’d like to give it a try!

Contact me:
764-2218 Ext. 25858